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uksponsorship.com Ltd (trading as 'The UK Sponsorship Database', 'UK Sponsorship News', 'Home Showcase' and 'Fox's Miscellany') respects your right to privacy. Our 'Privacy Policy' can be summarised in the following principles:

1. We ourselves do not use 'cookies' for collecting personal information about visitors to our sites; but cookies may be downloaded onto your computer if you click on advertisements on the sites or links to other websites from the sites.

2. We only store personal information which is sent to us specifically for the purpose of being included on our website at the request of the person sending the personal information or for reference in contacting those who request that their personal information be shown on our web site or would like us to send them information (eg in the form of newsletters).

3. Where personal information - such as names, job titles, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. - is sent by one person about another (or others) for inclusion in our listings, we first check to ensure that the other person(s) agree(s) to have their personal information shown on our web site, before posting it to the site or entering it into our electronic records.

4. In any electronic application forms which are included on the site, we separate out personal information about the person sending the form and the personal information which is to be included on the site itself. We only post personal information to the website which is included in the section(s) on the electronic forms designated for information to be posted to the website. We never post personal information to the website which is only contained in the section dealing with personal information about the person sending the form.

5. We want to ensure that people who send us personal information for inclusion on our website are aware of the implications of doing so. As uksponsorship.com is an 'open access' website, the personal information shown on it is accessible worldwide. Some of the countries in which it is viewed may have laws that protect personal information, but some may not. If you are considering sending us an application form asking to have your personal information included on this website as part of our listings, this is a factor which you should take into consideration. By sending us personal information specifically for inclusion on our web site, you agree to allowing us to put into the public domain the personal details which you send us specifically for that purpose.

6. We endeavour to keep the websites and our other records updated and will respond in a timely fashion to all requests by individuals for their personal information to be amended or deleted.

7. uksponsorship.com Ltd protects and keeps secure the personal information which is submitted to us and not shown on the website.

If at any time you believe that uksponsorship.com Ltd has not adhered to these principles, please let us know by email to


and we will use our best efforts to correct the problem promptly.

To get more information about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you should visit the UK website of the Information Commissioner's Office at https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/data-protection-and-the-eu/data-protection-and-the-eu-in-detail/the-uk-gdpr/.


Privacy policy updated 18.12.2023.

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